ph. Ekaterina Grigorieva for Cake mag.

ph. Ekaterina Grigorieva for Cake mag.

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Issue: So-En December 2011
Story: Genderless
Photographed by Masahiro Sanbe
Stylist: Yuriko E
Makeup: Masayo Tsuda
Hair: Kazuya Matsumoto

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"Misogyny is not something created out of thin air, to be caught much like a cold, that drives those infected to commit horrendous acts of violence. It is an ideology produced and disseminated by social and cultural institutions that work seamlessly together to create a social reality that normalises, legitimises and glorifies violence against women." Gail Dines


Straight from the front page of The Huffington Post. Please see the article in it’s entirety here: http://stoppornculture.org/2014/06/02/ucsb-feminism-and-porn-by-dr-gail-dines/.

This was originally posted on The Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/gail-dines/porn-industry-and-misogyny_b_5427951.html

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